AuToMa Learning Contents

Two specific learning paths (curricula) will be created  to improve specific and transversal skills for target users. One will be technical and the other one more managerial.

The learning materials will be accompanied by:

• Multimedia tutorial, that will introduce the learners to the training activities;

• Data and report about context analysis and needs;

• Map of the transversal and distinctive competencies (attitudes, comportments, skills, abilities and knowledge) related the fields of Automation, Technology transfer and Managerial practices;

• Skills assessment tools to evaluate the initial know-how of the learners and the knowledge acquired at the end of each module;

• Case studies and best practices;

• Skills assessments to evaluate the final know-how or gaps of the learners, at the end of each path.

Managerial_path.JPG                Technical_path.JPG